It sucks going to work when you just feel like hiding in a dark cave and yelling at everyone who tries to talk to you… But today the cutest, freckley little girl came in and hugged me out of nowhere for no reason and then we started practicing her stars. Even though her mom ignored her as she shopped, she was so happy and loved everything. You can seriously learn a lot from #children. :)


talk to kids like they’re people and take full interest in what they’re saying because they’re forming their personalities and it’s really vital that they know that their opinions are important and what they have to say deserves validation and respect. so when your three year old niece tells you that dragons don’t like cupcakes because the color blue is a spoon you better nod your head and ask her to explain more about that. 

Posting because I’m a new auntie

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straight boys a summary 


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It’s three-thirty in the morning, and you’re the fucking worst. :)


Girls get mocked for liking high heels and lipstick. Girls get mocked for liking sports. Girls get mocked for liking tea and books. Girls get mocked for liking comics books and video games. Girls get mocked for liking math and science. Girls get mocked for liking boys. Girls get mocked for liking girls. Girls get mocked for liking both. What the fuck are we supposed to like? Water? Air? Come on, tell me. I’m dying to know. 

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for my final trick, i shall turn into a disappointment

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I have #AloeVera in my garden now! I’m soo stoked to make masks! :) #esthetician #skincare