I’m sooo terrible at watercolor..oh well tho I made her ;) (inspired by @omweekend)
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Spending my day off practicing my watercoloring.
Happy Sunday everyone :)

Ross come up

Soooo this is the NEWLY updated lineup post to Beach Goth III..
I got VIP tickets to this before it got this big.
I’m just so stoked about this man…
I peed my pants a little and I want to cry.
I’m probably going to get like I did for my first concert I’ve ever ever been to in my life..which was NSYNC (circa 1996 or something) and Destiny’s Child opened up for them…I totally fucking cried because I loved JC or whatever his name was..
I love the Growlers way more than I loved JC, so yeah I think I’m totally going to cry, but if anybody asks, “hey dude are you crying?” I’m going to be like, “no! what the fuck man *lol* this happens every time I’m at a show and they have a fog machine, idk what it is I swear.”

That’s a good plan right?

Baby Zayna came to the world last night!! I can’t believe my big brother has a little one of his own now.. Seems like just yesterday we were watching The Goonies while building Lego castles in the living room. Life is so strange and we’re all growing up :’)
On a side note tho, I’m going to be the coolest aunty ever <3

Had some much needed cousin time last night, haaaaaaaaay~* #MyAnacondaDont

Twilight Zone- Nick of Time (1960)

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Check out "Snapcat - Photo app for cats"

OMG does your cat have snapcat?….

Seriously this is ridiculous..
or is it?

Rouge and I are drunk sketching and watching Casper.